Embed Campaigns

Rally Congress automatically generates code that you can use to embed any of your Campaigns into a third party web site.

From a technical perspective, the embed code creates an iframe that retrieves the Campaign page from Rally Congress. The embed code uses a special version of the Campaign page that doesn't have header and footer html design. This allows you to place the Campaign content on your own web site, using your own page design.

The embed code is also "responsive" meaning it will optimize the Campaign content for the device that the site visitor is using (i.e. mobile, tablet, laptop, etc).

The iframe approach has some tradeoffs. Twitter blocks all iframe access, meaning Tweet actions do not work in iframes. Also some search engines may not index the Campaign content loaded in an iframe. Finally, cookies from Rally Congress become "third party" in an iframe context and some users may block them, which may limit some of our built-in conversion tracking and "Remember Me" functionality.

Get the Embed Code

To copy the embed code, just log in to your account's administrative control panel and select "Manage Campaign" for the Campaign you want to embed. Then select "Advanced Settings" and the embed code is an option on that page.