Click2Call Campaigns

There are times, like the week of a key vote, when advocacy organizations want to escalate beyond email communications. That's why Rally Congress also supports phone call campaigns that connect directly to Capitol Hill. Bridging the internet and the traditional phone system, Rally Congress click-to-call petitions enable user phone calls to their elected officials. These click-to-calls are organized online through the Rally Congress petition system. Site users can look up their officials, enter their phone number, and the system calls their phone. The call will play a standard system message, or a custom audio message that your organization creates. The user then presses “1” and is patched through live to their elected official's office on Capitol Hill. Although Rally Congress handles the underlying call, the user initiates the process, and the inbound call to Capitol Hill has that individual user's number as the caller id.

Rally Congress has handled over hundreds of thousands of calls on our system. At peak times, like the day of a major vote, the Capitol Hill switchboard or specific office number may ring busy. If this is the case, Rally Congress will automatically roll the call over to the official's main district office. The process is seamless for the user-- instead of getting a busy signal in Washington, the call will ring into the local district office.

After the live call is completed, users can report their calls on the click-to-call petition.

The airtime charge for each call is pay-as-you-go at 5 cents a minute, rounding up to the minute. There is no long-distance charge for the end user. Rally Congress captures the caller phone information and your organization will be able to view reports on the users, Congressional targets, and duration of each call.