Supporter API

As people take action on your Rally Congress campaigns, they are stored in your database as your "supporters".

With the secure API, you can search and retrieve supporter information, update supporter records, and create new supporters.

Each supporter record has many fields that are searchable:

  • Email address
  • External or custom ID
  • Name: first, middle, last, prefix, suffix
  • One or more physical addresses
  • One or more phone numbers, which can also be connected to an address
  • Email opt-in status

View the complete Supporter representation returned with successful API calls.

Base URI

GET Supporter

API to return a supporter or list of supporters, identified by Rally Congress ID, email address or a customId of your choosing.


Retrieve lists of supporters using the following template:


All parameters are optional. If no parameters are included, the API returns a list of all supporters.


Field Description Format Example Value
email Properly formed email address. Every record will have an email. String
firstName Supporter's first name String John
lastName Supporter's last name String Smith
customId External ID for a supporter used outside of Rally Congress. For example a Salesforce ID for a supporter. String 5003000000D8cuI
updatedSince to limit users to those update after specified datetime Datetime in ISO8601 format 2015-06-01
joinDate Supporters who first joined on a specific date or date range Date in YYY-MM-DD format 2015-06-01
city The city in a supporter's physical address. String Jacksonville
state The state in a supporter's physical address. 2 digit U.S. state postal code FL
optinStatus Indicates if the supporter has opted in to an email mailing list
zipCode 5 digit U.S. postal code String (5 char) 33256
congressDistrict U.S. House of Representatives district String (4 char) NY21

The options are specified as query parameters—examples are given below. The options can be specified in any order.

For each option that supports multiple values, the query param is specified once and the query param value contains a comma-delimited list of option values.



Get all supporters from a specified state:

From multiple states:,NY,TX,CA

Get supporters from two states who have also opted to receive email:,IL&optinStatus=yes

Get supporters updated since a specified time:

Response Format and Pagination

Queries on the Supporters API return JSON with one or more Supporter representations. See Supporter representation for more details.

            "id": "gyer8DaZGFcleicWcifVLO1",
            "customId": null,
            "lastName": "Doe",
            "firstName": "John",
            "prefix": "Mr.",
            "email": "",
            "emailStatus": "unknown",
            "emailOptin": "yes",
            "joinDate": "2015-11-27 06:55:33",
            "addresses": [
       ... representation of next supporter, and so on
  "paging": {
        "firstpageuri": "https:\/\/\/v3\/supporters?page=0",
        "uri": "https:\/\/\/v3\/supporters",
        "previouspageuri": "null",
        "nextpageuri": "null",
        "page": 0,
        "pagesize": 50,
        "totalResults": 20