Electronic Delivery to Congress and other Officials

Rally Congress ensures your online petitions have real impact by delivering your supporters' messages to their elected officials.

Rally Congress allows advocacy managers to create calls-to-action through an easy-to-use online control panel. These petitions, which are hosted by Rally Congress, have a customized look and feel to match your overall campaign.

Unlike most internet petitions, with Rally Congress your site visitors can edit suggested letter text and send messages to their entire Congressional delegation. For each petition signer, Rally Congress validates the incoming data, determines the signer's district and elected officials, and stores the information in a secure database. The site user will also receive a confirmation email with a copy of their letter.

Almost all members of Congress use public web forms to manage incoming communications, and to assign those communications to their constituent management systems. Rally Congress integrates with these systems, and we consult regularly with Congressional staff and Hill technology vendors to make the message transfer as smooth as possible. We maintain current records for each official and their preferred way to receive constituent messages.

Rally Congress staff monitors the delivery process daily and will re-submit any messages that were not successfully received by a Congressional web form. In some rare cases, because of technical hurdles, we cannot deliver the message through this electronic system, and instead send the message as a letter via facsimile. Currently, we deliver less than one percent of all letters via facsimile, and there is no additional cost for this service.

The result is a direct connection between your online supporters and their elected representatives. Since April 2009, Rally Congress has delivered over 3 million constituent messages to Congress and the White House.