Getting Started

Welcome to Rally Congress.

First, if you haven't already, create an account!

Each account is powerful advocacy software that's ready to use. Your account has front-end, public web pages that you can create, edit, and manage in your secure control panel.

Once you've validated your email and logged in to the secure control panel for the first time, you will see a welcome box with links to the most common options for setting up an account.

Customize Your Web Address

When you create your account, we generate a subdomain at based on your organization's name.

The public can reach your published action pages through this url, and you will login to your secure control panel through https://{your subdomain} /admin

You can change this subdomain in the control panel, but we caution against doing that once you begin marketing or sharing your site, because changes to the subdomain will break incoming links to your content.

You can further customize and brand your account by mapping your own domain to use for your front end pages. A mapped domain can be a full domain that you control, like, or a subdomain for your main site, like "action" Mapping your own domain gives you more control, creates a more seamless user experience, but it isn't necessary. Whether you use your own domain, or a subdomain, you will always login through your http://"subdomain" link.

> Learn more about Domain Mapping

Customize Your Site

With every Rally Congress account, our team will "match" the design of an existing website or html template. This design will work with our responsive templates can include features like a logo image.

If you should update your main website, just let us know and we'll update the design match accordingly at no additional charge.

In the control panel, you can add your own images for different content pages or use the stock images that are included.

Every site has a default "Action Home" area for campaigns, and a lawmaker directory. Other content pages like "Legislation" or "Whip Lists" are added dynamically when you create that content. You can also add your own custom links to off-site items to your Rally Congress site's main navigation menu.

Account Information

There are many account-wide settings in the aptly named "Account Settings" dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the control panel.

Name and Address: Edit your public organization name and address.

Domain Name: Manage your Rally Congress subdomain and optional custom mapped domain.

Subscription: Select a subscription, manage billing information, and view receipts.

Administrators: Add, edit, and remove account administrators.

Menu and Logo: Upload logo image and manage the main navigation.

Social Media: Set site-wide Facebook, Twitter, and other sharing options.

Webhooks: Automate data transfer from Rally Congress. Learn More

API: Access information for the API.

Create a Campaign

Learn more about the different Campaign options on Rally Congress